Strangers in your home

As sad as it may sound, you simply can't open your door to anyone who rings the bell anymore.

Anytime trust is extended, there are loads of criminals looking to exploit it for personal gain. 

 The Fuller brush man (my first after school job at the ripe age of 13) is a long-term career, and the Hoover vacuum salesman has faded into our history for just this reason. People have become so conditioned to fear strangers that getting a housewife to open her door nowadays is like pulling teeth.

In some parts of the country you're more likely to be shot by knocking on a stranger's door than by committing a crime.

Our home photo shoots are nearly always booked online today, by trusting souls who have never seen our faces.

So how do we manage the "Stranger Danger" dilemma? Easy.  Every order confirmation will include a unique "safeword" in the email that only the client will know.  The shooter is given this password for the shoot along with location and subject.

The day of the shoot you will be notified that our shooter has verified the appointment, so you can expect the visit within a reasonable time window.

 Our shooters also carry a small supply of MEP business cards as a backup identification tool, so you know we sent him/her before opening any door.

It's getting crazy out there, but here at Martinsburg Photography we're looking out for your safety.

Every day. Every order. Every session.